July 1, 2014

This Month...

…we found out it's a boy! 
Llewyn Nicholas Opels will be joining us around November 5.

…I felt (and continue to feel) lots of likely breakdancing moves from our son. 
It's the most surreal and grounding experience.

…I bought a pair of faux Birkenstocks at Marshall's to take Walter outside, but have worn them out on the town multiple times. I am a slides girl!

 …I am conceding to cravings (anything with bleu cheese, wraps & sandwiches, and ice cream) and the fact that my closet aka our second bedroom needs to be downsized to make room for the nursery. 

…Dan received his first unofficial Father's Day gift (a reclaimed wood Chicago flag) and Walter got his freedom back from the "snip, snip go the nuggets" cone.

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1 comment:

DressUpNotDown said...

Walter is adorable. :o)

You are dressing just as fabulous as ever! I love all the layers. And the Birkenstocks...I wore mine literally to death! :o)

Great name for your baby boy!!!